We offer a range of services including drafting of contracts and policies; legal advice and representation; workplace investigations; mediation; workplace training; and recruitment.

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Workplace Legal Solutions maintains up-to-date awards for our clients covering the health sector, including Nurses; Health Professionals; Medical Practitioners; and the Social Community sector.

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We specialise in employment law, industrial relations, mediation, and human resources.

Workforce Legal Solutions

Workforce Legal Solutions is a specialist legal firm.

Our philosophy is to provide timely, cost-effective and excellent quality legal advice through building long-term and productive relationships with our clients.

Our clients include corporate and government organisations as well as individuals from a wide range of sectors in public and private health, welfare, manufacturing, sales and professional services.


Always take care when terminating employees on the basis of misconduct. The actions of any employee need to be properly investigated and then put to the employee for response and any letter of termination must correlate to the actions substantiated by way of the investigation process, so as to avoid a finding as in this case. Workforce Legal Solutions can provide assistance in conducting either preliminary or full investigations within the workplace or when terminating staff on the basis of misconduct.

Sexual Harassment

Besides real hardship and real harm to your employees, your organisation runs the risk of hefty legal costs, reduced productivity and damage to the workplace environment as well as the organisation’s reputation. In addition, courts or tribunals may consider whether an employer has complied with the guideline when hearing a complaint of discrimination. It applies to all employers in Victoria, regardless of size.  Workforce Legal Solutions can provide assistance in updating or developing your sexual harassment policy and procedures in line with the new VEOHRC guideline.